Engine Disablers, Motor Vehicle Antitheft.

You're probably familiar with car alarms that fail to stop thieves.

And vehicle recovery systems don't work until the thief has already taking your vehicle. Not a scenario you would want to be in.

To see how ugly it really is, search the internet for "GPS jammer" or "cellular jammer". It's not a pretty sight.

The thieves simply drive your vehicle outside the coverage range, or do tens of thousands of dollars in damage before you "recover" the smoldering wreckage formerly known as your vehicle.

If you are lucky (and you like drama), you might even be able to see it on TV in a high-speed chase before the thieves total it. (Don't worry about the thieves -- they normally climb out of the heap of twisted metal & take off running.)

Fortunately, there is a category of antitheft device that thieves hate coming up against.

Engine disablers are a subcategory of immobilizers.

Engine disablers, when armed, prevent the engine of you're vehicle from starting.

Because over 90% of stolen vehicles are hotwired, this makes the thief's job very tough. (Many of the other 10% of stolen vehicles are victims of owner fraud. Very few are towed, and these tend to be older, semi-abandoned vehicles, or again, victims of owner fraud.)

While you can find other engine disablers on the market, no other engine disabler, car alarm or antitheft devices comes anywhere close to the 31-year, 4 million-sold UNDEFEATED track record of the Ravelco.

Unlike mechanical immobilizers or factory installed transponder keys or easy-to-defeat kill switches, Ravelco is an "engine disabler", the same class of antitheft device that has significantly reduced vehicle theft in countries such as Australia. Without your Ravelco plugged in, your Silverado's engine won't start. It's like an extra, super-secure key that even your dealer doesn't have access to.

GM High-tech Performance Magazine says Ravelco "makes theft very tough for the bad guys" (September 2006, pg. 39)

Thieves have NEVER beaten the Ravelco anti-theft device, when protecting automobiles, trucks or any other vehicles.

... but don't take our word for it. See what POLICE OFFICERS, automotive professionals, the media & our customers have to say. The Ravelco anti-theft device has been featured on ABC News, in GM High Tech Performance & Car and Driver Magazines, and many more media outlets. Below are links to video and articles.


View the ABC news
coverage of Ravelco

GM High-tech Performance
September 2006

"this system is for real"
(pg. 39)

"makes theft very tough for
the bad guys"
(pg. 39)

"affordable and effective
solution to vehicle theft"
(pg. 38)

Car and Driver
May 2007 & July 2006

Ravelco listed in the #2 spot in the "Top Five Ways to Avoid Car Theft" (right after "remove the keys"!) and "cited repeatedly by police and insurance consultants".


Theft prevention starts with Ravelco. The only antitheft device with a 31-year undefeated track record that you can rely on to protect your cars, pickup trucks & even big rigs and heavy equipment.


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