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The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device is 100% effective.


The RAVELCO offers an unbeatable combination of
sturdy construction, secure technology and ease of use.

Simple to use

The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device is superior to all other alarms and anti theft devices and it is very simple to use. It is installed in an easily accessible place flush-mounted or bracket-mounted in or under the dashboard. There are no codes to remember and no secret buttons to push. When you leave your vehicle, all you do to activate the RAVELCO system is pull out the plug and connect it to your key chain. With the plug removed, the vehicle is impossible to start, even with the key. It’s like taking part of your engine with you.


Secure design

A removable 16 pin male plug (which when not in use connects to your key chain) makes all the electronic connections. An armored steel cable protects the wires from the rear of the RAVELCO base on through to the engine compartment so thieves cannot access them. Even if a thief did somehow get through the steel protection, all the connections are camouflaged in the same color, so there is no pattern to give away the pairs. In addition, there are thousands of different plug code combinations. Customers have peace of mind knowing that their plug is unique, and that no one else can start their vehicle simply by gaining access to another RAVELCO plug. Competitive products allow only six or fewer possible combinations, and each device sold through a particular car dealer will all use the same plug. Ravelco has no master plugs; an impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief.

Installation & Other Information

In Las Vegas NV, our installation shop is centrally located near the corners of Desert Inn Rd & Valley View Blvd.

For dealer opportunities within Nevada, please contact us.

Need Ravelco protection outside Nevada?
No problem, we'll put you in touch with
your local Ravelco dealer or distributor


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