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Car alarms are not effective in preventing Your Vehicle from being stolen.

  • The nonprofit Highway Data Loss Institute concluded car alarms "show no overall reduction in theft losses" compared to cars without alarms. (source New York Times).
Why are car alarm systems ineffective?
  1. They are ignored by almost everyone.
  2. Car thieves can defeat them very quickly.
  3. Many alarms are vulnerable to code-scanning boxes & code-grabbing technology

A car alarm doesn't even protect the contents of your vehicle.

  • A smash-and-grab thief will break your car window or force the door open, quickly grab what he wants and disappear. It happens too fast.

The Ravelco anti-theft device has no bells or sirens.

Just good, solid antitheft.

Antitheft Guide - Car Alarms Vs. Ravelco
Car Alarms Ravelco
Car alarms normally easily accessible to a thief, making the electrical connections under the dash in the cab of your vehicle. Ravelco difficult to access, making all connections in the engine compartment.
Car alarms wires normally unprotected. Ravelco wires protected by steel-armor cable through the firewall of your vehicle.
Car alarm wires normally color-coded, making jumping or disarming fast and easy. Ravelco wires are all black, so even if a thief gained access to them, he'd be much more likely to short out a fuse or relay.
Car alarms use wireless codes which can be grabbed by wireless receivers when you use them. Ravelco uses a uniquely coded plug making a physical connection that cannot be grabbed wirelessly.
Most car alarms are installed in about 15 minutes, which saves money on labor, but what goes in fast... comes out faster. RAVELCO installation is much more secure, taking an average of 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Wires are camouflaged to look factory-installed.
Car alarms draw power from your battery, and can drain them when you are on vacation. Ravelco draws no power from your battery.
Car alarms can fail, forcing you to have your vehicle towed for repair. Ravelco has a 0% equipment failure rate.
Thieves defeat car alarms easily. Generally ignored by everyone else. Ravelco turns the tables on the thieves, regularly defeating them.

Ravelco has protected 4 million vehicles and
prevented thefts for 31 years with 100% success.

... but don't take our word for it. See what POLICE OFFICERS, automotive professionals, the media & our customers have to say. The Ravelco anti-theft device has been featured on ABC News, in GM High Tech Performance & Car and Driver Magazines, and many more media outlets. Below are links to video and articles.

View the ABC news
coverage of Ravelco

GM High-tech Performance
September 2006

"this system is for real"
(pg. 39)

"makes theft very tough for
the bad guys"
(pg. 39)

"affordable and effective
solution to vehicle theft"
(pg. 38)

Car and Driver
May 2007 & July 2006

Ravelco listed in the #2 spot in the "Top Five Ways to Avoid Car Theft" (right after "remove the keys"!) and "cited repeatedly by police and insurance consultants".

We have just added a new page on antitheft devices for Cadillac Escalade & Chevy Avalanches.

NeverHotwired.com is on a Mission to protect your vehicles...
and get Las Vegas off the Top 10 Vehicle Theft List.

From 2004 to 2006, our town, Las Vegas and its Metropolitan Area have gone from #3 to #2 to #1 on the NICB's theft-rate-by-city-list. NeverHotwired.com is working directly with owners and operators of motor vehicles to reverse this trend. We’re passionate about protecting the vehicles belonging to you, your family and all the residents of Nevada. Not only do we provide the undefeated RAVELCO anti-theft device, but we’re also educating the community and raising awareness; providing discounts to low-income people; and building relationships with strategic partners including Law Enforcement, Businesses & Community Organizations. Find out more on our Mission Page.

For dealer opportunities within Nevada, please contact us.

Need Ravelco protection outside Nevada?
No problem, we'll put you in touch with
your local Ravelco dealer or distributor


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