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RAVELCO has an undefeated 31-year record against vehicle thieves.


Do I need a RAVELCO if my vehicle has a car alarm system?

Alarm systems are useless in deterring vehicle theft. A remote control alarm system only interrupts the starter wire, and this can easily be bypassed under the dash. Electronic code grabbers or scanners can be purchased by a thief online for about $100! They will defeat any alarm system made today in seconds, even those that claim to have anti-scan or code grabbing technology. This has been demonstrated on CBS' The Early Show and 48 Hours.

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Do I need a RAVELCO if my vehicle has a factory anti theft device?

The factory installed systems on almost all new GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles are easily defeated in about 20 seconds. A thief can either use a product called the ‘No Key Required Bypass Kit’ that a bypasses the transponder key system in any vehicle or can manually start the vehicle by manipulating the wires accessible under the dash. Information on how to bypass these systems has even been published recently in a national automotive magazine!

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Will installing a RAVELCO void my vehicle warranty?

No! A Federal Law (Magnuson - Moss Act) protects you against a car dealer voiding your warranty. Dealers promote the myth that after-market equipment automatically voids warranties to make more money on repairs and coerce you into buying a more expensive anti theft system from them.

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Why is the RAVELCO larger than most flat plug and key anti theft devices?

In order to maintain two separate major circuits and to handle the amperage put out by the electrical systems on most of today's vehicles, the RAVELCO cannot be made any smaller. Other anti theft devices offer only four to six different code combinations while RAVELCO has thousands. That is 1 of the reasons that no vehicle protected by Ravelco has ever been recorded stolen.


Shouldn’t RAVELCO have a red flashing light to ward off thieves?

There are numerous vehicles stolen every day that have alarm systems with red flashing warning lights. The only red lights a thief runs from are the ones on top of police cars. The RAVELCO system includes two warning labels that attach to each side window. Since no vehicle with the RAVELCO system has ever been stolen, this is obviously effective.


Even with a RAVELCO, what can I do to keep a tow truck from stealing my vehicle?

Follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. When you park your car, turn your wheels all the way to the left or right.
  2. Remove the RAVELCO plug.

If a tow truck tries to steal your vehicle, the angle of the wheels will make your vehicle track in a big circle. Even if the tow truck still tried to take the vehicle, it would be traveling beside it two lanes away. This attracts attention and makes your vehicle difficult to steal. The thief will likely look for an easier target.

Does RAVELCO protect my belongings inside my vehicle?

No vehicle alarm or anti theft device can protect your belongings. If a thief sees something inside a vehicle that he wishes to steal, he can break a window, take the item and be gone within seconds. The best thing you can do to protect your things from a smash-and-grab thief is keep them in your trunk.

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