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Las Vegas, Nevada ranks #2 in vehicle theft among US cities.


Las Vegas , as of the most recent statistics from 2005, is #2 on the government's list of Motor Vehicle Theft per capita. Preliminary statistics show it may well be #1 for 2006, which means 2007 doesn't look very promising either.

NeverHotwired.com is passionate about protecting your vehicles, reversing this trend and getting Las Vegas off the top 10 list of cities for motor vehicle theft by offering the RAVELCO and providing free information on how to deal with auto theft in Nevada.

Las Vegas Police Department

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a special detail within it's Property Crimes Section called VIPER (Vehicle Investigations Project for Enforcement and Recovery).

Watch Your Car - Registration

In 2003, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department expanded its auto theft prevention program to participate in a nationwide project called Watch Your Car. Watch Your Car is a nationally recognized program that has proven to be a winner in the fight against auto theft. Vehicles displaying the Watch Your Car decal on the front windshield and rear window are clearly identifiable to law enforcement officers throughout the county as being registered in this anti-theft program.

Many vehicles are stolen from residences late at night or early morning. Registration in the Watch Your Car Program and displaying the decals means the vehicle owner gives permission to any law enforcement officer to stop the vehicle between the hours of 1:00 am and 5:00 am, to identify the driver as one of the registered owner's, having permission to drive the vehicle or arresting a suspect in an auto theft.


If your information leads to the arrest and prosecution of individuals suspected of auto theft or auto theft related activities.


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